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Drum Machine

Online Animation / Live Performance / Interactive Installation

Drum Machine began life as a musical animation on It combined the music and editing of The Sancho Plan with the wonderful design and characters of tokyoplastic. The animation won the People’s Choice Award at the Sundance Online Film Festival 2004.

It was then developed into a live performance, an interactive installation and a rhythm-action sequencer:

P9 Drum Machine: Bio
P9 Drum Machine: Pro Gallery


Visual Design, Characters & Animation

Ed Cookson

System Architect
Adam Hoyle

Interface Design
Rob Rae

Live AV
Bruno Mathez

Joel Farland
Darryn Farrugia
Bernie Gardner
Ed Cookson
Lewis Sykes
Ben Bryant
Oli Blake
John Blease
Adam Clifford

P9 Drum Machine: Text
P9 Drum Machine: Text
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