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Founded in 2002, The Sancho Plan's aim has always been to combine the creative talents of our diverse group to create innovative immersive sonic experiences. Our works are predominantly audio-visual environments and live performances, although we have also developed accompanying online and mobile apps.

Music and sound design; graphic and character design; animation, game design and coding; hardware, software, performance and theatrical staging all play a key role in each of our projects. We often use digital technologies to explore the real-time interaction between music and visual environments, but such technologies are just the tools that we use to realise our ultimate goal of engaging our audiences through carefully considered narratives. These narratives may involve overt story-telling, or they may be more abstract, for example the creation of a space that allows you to explore visual music, or that simply takes you to “another place”.

For further information please check out our projects, or see a few of our key influences and inspirations.

You can also read a transcript of founder Ed Cookson’s introduction to The Sancho Plan’s premiere performance of The Black Page at the Tyneside Cinema on 24th September 2009, which touches on some of our philosophies.

The Sancho Plan has only ever been possible thanks to the many talented individuals who have guided, worked for or collaborated with us. Please see the project pages for detailed credits.

About: Bio

The Sancho Crew

Project Director
Ed Cookson

Lead Artist
Olly Venning

CG Lead
Edward Dawson-Taylor

System Architect
Adam Hoyle

Ed Cookson
Lewis Sykes

AV Manager / Production Assistant
Bruno Mathez 

Ian Steele

Original Logo Design
Nick Sweetman

Joel Farland
Bernie Gardner
Pete Gardner
Ed Cookson
Ben Bryant
Oli Blake
John Blease
Si Francis
Adam Clifford

Thanks to the excellent Troika for logo and design help back in the day.

About: Text
About: Text
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