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Electrochemical Experiments in Black Rock

Interactive Installations / Immersive Environments (2006 – present)

The Burning Man festival has been an important environment for us to test a variety of MIDI-controlled audiovisual installations. Over the years we have played with a variety of inputs (MIDI Drumpads, Infrared Sensors) to control a variety of outputs (El Wire, Projections) via a variety of interfaces (Arduino, Director). Burning Man is also one of the best places in the world to get inspired by the endless ingenuity and creativity of others.

P4 Black Rock Experiments: Bio
P4 Black Rock Experiments: Work


Created & Performed by The Sancho Plan

On-site crews
Adam Hoyle
Arora Parry
Bim Devi
Dan Meeuws
Ed Cookson
Edd Dawson-Taylor
John Perrin
Tom Priddle
Yami Trequesser

Hardware / Programming
Barry Sims
Ian Steele
Neil Mendoza

Green Tortoise

El Wire

P4 Black Rock Experiments: Text
P4 Black Rock Experiments: Text
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